The little bird didn’t see everything!

birdIf the wind changes your face will stay like that forever, money doesn’t grow on trees, work smarter not harder, measure twice cut once, if you’re going to do any job make sure you do it right, if they jumped off a cliff would you do it too? (as it turns out the answer was yes for this one),. These are just a few of the quotes we received from mum and dad when we were growing up but one thing my mum said that I always laughed at because it was simply absurd was Continue reading “The little bird didn’t see everything!”


TRIPLETS 2, sleep is a five letter word that may as well read unicorn.

So here I am again, having recently read over my first chapter (and getting sooky la la).

What’s new you say?    Where do I begin?

As Phoenix, Noah and Lyrik’s first Birthday has just recently passed by I decided I might be ready to talk about the journey again. Well, what I can distinguish between reality and that fuzzy head feeling that I convince myself is sleep. Ahhh sleep, I remember those days. Waking up at half past daytime, making myself something to eat, finishing my coffee before it becomes an iced coffee…. Sorry daydreaming is a luxury I don’t have time for.  Continue reading “TRIPLETS 2, sleep is a five letter word that may as well read unicorn.”

TRIPLETS! A story of aging rapidly with as little grace as possible

tmp_27281-20161109_180722-705905317As it is difficult for me to tell our story to anyone I thought this would be much easier to get it all out without letting emotions get the better of me, apparently having kids strips away your hard shell very quickly.

Our journey began early in 2015 when Lenka and I decided our little family needed another mini Danson to complete the set. Continue reading “TRIPLETS! A story of aging rapidly with as little grace as possible”

So this is blogging?

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

So I’m here to help others understand what this dad goes through with multi bubs. I’m not an expert, just a “regular” guy with a talent for making cute kids i guess 🙂

“Come with me and you’ll see a world of pure imagination”…… filled with nappies, tears, laughter, fear and moments that make me the luckiest Dad on the planet (in my eyes anyway).