TRIPLETS 2, sleep is a five letter word that may as well read unicorn.

So here I am again, having recently read over my first chapter (and getting sooky la la).

What’s new you say?    Where do I begin?

As Phoenix, Noah and Lyrik’s first Birthday has just recently passed by I decided I might be ready to talk about the journey again. Well, what I can distinguish between reality and that fuzzy head feeling that I convince myself is sleep. Ahhh sleep, I remember those days. Waking up at half past daytime, making myself something to eat, finishing my coffee before it becomes an iced coffee…. Sorry daydreaming is a luxury I don’t have time for.  The list of seemingly everyday things taken for granted was getting bigger every day.  But all this sleep deprivation, malnourished moments fuelling dizzy spells due to not eating or surviving on “one handed food” just to make it through the next feed without passing out, is worth it when three boys are smiling back at me.

F.Y.I. – A baby falling asleep mid feed is cute but when daddy does it, it can throw out a nasogastric tube feeding schedule for a few days.

I don’t count age in months because to be honest I think it’s silly and I’d be 468 months this year(as if I don’t feel old enough already), so I’ll give you the ye olde guy version. Over a couple of months ago, August the 28th, my little men turned the big 1 years old!!! Woohoo! Yay! Balloons fly free and fireworks fill the air. This may seem a bit much but for us reaching this point is a massive accomplishment and reason for celebration.

Milestone moments were few and far between in the beginning but all too quickly Lyrik decided crawling was the best way to keep mum and dad on their toes, shortly after this Noah wanted to see what the fuss was about so he started crawling and playing as well. This was then followed by both of them standing and attempting the walking thing and within weeks Lyrik is showing future sprinting champ potential.  Although our little warrior Phoenix isn’t at this stage yet, he did let us know he had a voice and what a voice it is! If he wants attention believe me you will know. He also now wears a very stylish pair of glasses taking his vision of from around 1cm to being able to see the leaves on trees outside. This seems to have given him the drive to explore so now he is rolling around and crawls commando style, laughing hysterically when we tickle him and has a smile that could light up any room.  Saying I’m proud of him is an understatement and every time he shows me something new I get emotional.

Feeding, what can I say? If you have one child (for us this was our Princess Kaitlyn) and they are learning to eat solids it can be filled with laughs, frustration, hair pulling moments, food spitting, vomiting and then suddenly, it starts going to plan. You reach a moment where you regain control of your sanity, house, dinner time and if you’re lucky, your child.

Now your logical mind tells you everything will be fine, having triplets is just a matter of preparing things by three, how hard could it be? 


In stomps the reality fairy with some very wise words,

“I want you to take everything you have learned with Kaitlyn, write it down, then take the piece of paper and set it on fire”.

The reality fairy can be a harsh mistress but she speaks the truth.

The only thing having a single child prepares you for with triplets is the fact that you know what a child looks like, which end food goes in and which end you leave for mummy.

While all boys are sitting waiting, you think to yourself “this is it, they’ll be awesome. I have a system, spoon for you, then you, then you”. Stir bowl and repeat right?…wrong. It is more like, spoon for you please don’t spit it out. Damn, wait ok you’re next, don’t grab the spoon just eat it, hang on why are you eating the seat belt but you won’t take the spoon, please stop spitting it out, did I forget to put a bib on you, no you took it off and threw it on the floor, ok you’re upset what’s wrong? Full nappy! Perfect, I’ll just quickly change it then come back to….. dammit how did you both get food on everything. It’s ok, deep breath and we’ll try again. Yes Kaitlyn I can reheat your food and cut it up for you because you were playing instead of eating dinner. Now back to the boys, Lyrik please wake up and finish your dinner. Noah for the last time you can’t have the spoon to wipe food all over yourself calm down and let me feed you. Phoenix I know you don’t like this but you need to learn. No Kaitlyn I don’t have time to make something else for dinner, ok I can reheat it again… All of this can happen in a 30 minute window (as long as your 30 minute window is actually about an hour or so).

Bath time quickly approaches; you look over the crowd to determine who goes first. This is usually decided by the elimination system. Are you crying? Are you sleepy? Have you filled your nappy? Did you vomit? Has daddy had enough coffee? Is it too early for a bucket of scotch? Everything plays a role in the bath, bed order and will make a lasting impact if taken lightly. One wrong decision can add hours when juggling triplets to bed while a three year old princess is “patiently” waiting for her turn.

To be quite honest I think Lenka is an amazing woman and I honestly don’t know how she manages all of our gremlins while I’m at work. My worst record so far is 45 minutes alone with all four kids and I was a mess followed up with feeling very guilty for telling our daughter off when I know she sometimes feels left out and within seconds I become the worst Dad ever! Having so much going on at once can fry anyone’s mind and it wasn’t until I slowed down and focused on why I was losing control of the situation that I realised…. My daughter is a master manipulator and she uses my own methods against me. Once I actually noticed this, the game changed. I was back in control…for a day or so.

So my schedule these days is work until 11pm, gym until 1:30am, feed Phoenix from 2am to 3am, wind down then sleep around 4am, wake up 7am for the next feed then take Kaitlyn to kindy hopefully by 9am, go home try to rest (never usually happens I have little men to wrestle) then leave for work at 2pm to start over again. This doesn’t take into account that I still have two other boys and a partner that might like some attention too. Yes my life is hectic but I wouldn’t change it for anyone. I love the dysfunctional, seemingly impossible, farfetched story that is my life. Not too many people can say they are part of the 1 in 200,000,000 and I’m glad it happened to us.

These kids have loving parents that will do anything for them, proud, loving, caring, supportive grandparents from both sides of the family, awesome Uncles and Aunties from near and far around the world and a network of friends we consider family that have done so much to get my tribe where we are today.

The most important thing of all is that our story is far from over and from a beginning where we didn’t know which end was up, we now have milestones to accomplish that we know we can reach as opposed to feeling like everything was a distant dream.

With a camera constantly running to catch the next silly, funny, scary or just plain calm moment (ha-ha who am I kidding), we have managed to capture some magical moments that no amount of money could compare to replace. From Lyrik running around, Noah taking his first unassisted steps, Phoenix crawling, laughing and embracing the gift of vision and then there is Kaitlyn, my princess. Never have I been so amazed with someone as much as I am with her. She is so beautiful and intelligent I wonder if she’s actually mine. Then she manipulates someone and I know she is. To watch her interacting with the boys was scary at first and we could see she was jealous but unfortunately we had no control over managing it. As time went on we could see how much she loved her brothers and I had quite a few tissue worthy moments as I walked into a room with Kaitlyn reading them a book or telling them about her day followed with kisses and cuddles. She’s simply an amazing little girl who although she started with a few jealousy issues has now developed into the loving big sister I had hoped for.

As we prepare for whatever comes next I know I can always rely on semi-managed chaos in our home and this is ok, it’s what I’ve become accustomed to, it’s my family, my future, my life now.

The Dad life isn’t for everyone; the Multi-Dad life is “next level” crazy town and I love it! tmp_1246-20161110_2306391908004131


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